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Books about Stanislavski and his System

Sharon Marie Carnicke
Stanislavsky in Focus

Stanislavsky in Focus brilliantly examines the history and actual premises of Stanislavsky’s 'System', separating myth from fact with forensic skill.
Vasili Toporkov
Stanislavski in Rehearsal

Vasili Toporkov was one of the rare outsiders ever to be invited to join the Moscow Art Theatre. Although already an experienced and accomplished artist, he was forced to retrain as an actor under Stanislavski's rigorous guidance. This is Toporkov's account of this learning process, offering an insight into Stanislavski's legendary "system" and his method of rehearsal that became known as the method of physical action. Spanning ten years - from 1928 to 1938 - Toporkov charts the last crucial years of Stanislavski's work as a director. Toporkov reveals Stanislavski as a multi-faceted personality - funny, furious, kind, ruthless, encouraging, exacting - waging war against clichés and quick answers, inspiring his actors and driving to despair in his pursuit of artistic perfection. Jean Benedetti's new translation of Toporkov's invaluable record restores to us the vitality and insight of Stanislavski's mature thoughts on acting.
David Allen
Stanislavski for Beginners

This guide traces both the subject's life and his "system" - a series of deep acting exercises that focus on relaxation, concentration, and emotional memory. Along the way the authors show how Stanislavski's influence continues today.
Jean Benedetti
Stanislavski and the Actor: The Method of Physical Action

In Stanislavski and the Actor, Stanislavski scholar and biographer Jean Bendetti has recovered materials that can stand as a final, "last work" by the great director and teacher. In this volume readers will find the first English text of Stanislavski s notes and practical exercises from these last sessions. This is a major rediscovered work by Stanislavski, full of new ideas and insights about his working method. To the original materials Jean Benedetti adds his own analysis of Stanislavski's approach to acting and rehearsal methods.The master's own summary of a lifetime of theatrical experience, Stanislavski and the Actor will quickly become an essential tool for actors, students, and teachers everywhere.
Albert Pia
Acting the Truth: The Acting Principles of Constantin Stanislavski and Exercises: A Handbook for Actors, Directors, and Instructors of Theatre

Part one defines the actor's inner life as he builds a character, living the role as if the given circumstance is happening to him. The exercises, games, and improvisations employ Stanislavski acting principles, allowing the actor to gain comfort and confidence in playing any role. Part two is devoted to physical aspects of acting a role, including movement, speech, costuming the character, script dissection, and tempo/rhythm, to enhance natural behavior. Many exercises will aid actors to employ all acting principles. Parts three and four contain theatre exercises suitable for acting students of all ages. The selected activities used by Stanislavski in his renowned Moscow Art Theatre are most appealing for advanced performing artists. Part five is a teaching syllabus to guide instructors in any school or college theatre program. Adjustments of the assignments are defined so as to guide teachers to employ the contents for any two, three or four year program. Part six illustrates dissected working play scripts. The director or actor will gain exciting new levels of creative artistry by employing this valued Stanislavski system. Contrasting tempo/rhythm and life energy of each beat was essential, for he believed the play script was similar to a masterful symphonic score with varied energy, color and dimension as it builds to the climax and conclusion.
Sonia Moore
The Stanislavski System: The Professional Training of an Actor

Toby Cole (Editor)
Acting: A Handbook Of The Stanislavski Method

"A wealth of material on the theory and practice of acting ... a book which may be read, re-read and absorbed by everyone who assumes the directing of actors or that most difficult task, the teaching of acting." --Quarterly Journal of Speech --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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