Sharon Carnicke

Stanislavsky in Focus (Routledge Theatre Classics)

Автор: Sharon Carnicke
Языки: Английский
ISBN 0415774977; 2008 г.
Страниц: 252 стр.
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
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The author takes advantage of new primary materials that have broken through strict censorship, to dispel the prevailing myths about Stanislavsky and his Method. By examining the history behind the lore and spotlighting the premises of the System, this book sets the scene for newly revitalized readings of the seminal Russian playwright, director, and theorist.Western actors routinely identify his System with Strasberg's Method and psychological realism. In Russia, Soviet Marxism limited Stanislavsky to the physical world and Socialist Realism. These assumptions have blurred other aspects of Stanislavsky drawn from Yoga, Symbolism, and formalist attitudes towards texts.