Konstantin Stanislavsky

An Actor's Handbook: An Alphabetical Arrangement of Concise Statements on Aspects of Acting

Автор: Konstantin Stanislavsky
Языки: Английский
ISBN 087830181X; 2004 г.
Страниц: 160 стр.

От производителя

Book DescriptionThis is the classic lexicon of Stanislavski's most important concepts, all in the master's own words. Upon its publication in 1963, An Actor's Handbook quickly established itself as an essential guide for actors and directors. Culling keypassages from Stanislavski's vast output, this book covers more than one hundred and fifty key concepts, among them "Improvisation," "External Technique," "Magic If," "Imaginary Objects," "Discipline," "What Is My System?" and "Stage Fright."

This new, attractively packaged edition will be an essential book for any performer.